Tom Presents in Anchorage


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On February 28, Tom traveled to Anchorage to present “Western Science an Traditional Yupik Culture Meet” at the Alaska Anthropological Association’s annual meeting. This was a product of Tom’s 3 week trip around Nelson Island with elders, students, and scientist. He presented with Anne Riordan-Fineup, Alice Reardon, June, Macatee, Mark John and David Chnard.

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  1. So…’s the lecture circuit doing???? Hope it pays very well!!! Looks like you’re a busy man!!! I was so excited to finally be able to catch up with all that I have been missing!! It’s been chaotic here for us these past few weeks with work schedules. Al has had several meetings and gone a lot. My job keeps me busy during the day and have little time for fun stuff in the evenings….laundry and meals have had to come first! Are feeding 10-15 deer in the front yard lately. Snow pack is dropping and Al has been shed hunting. 2 1/2 racks so far. 5 and an 8 pointer! He was excited! The red squirrel population is slowly dwindling around here….gotta love the .22!!! The racoons are awake and the bird feeder was down off the eve of the house….skunks are coming on strong!! Haven’t seen a bear yet, but perhaps it won’t be long now….. I’ll have to wait for it’s calling card on the deck to know for sure! The deer look really healthy and last years fawn bucks have large nubs already! Several doe fawns come in each night…some are this years, but most of them are 1-2 years old! Nice to see them! Metro is close to tapping the maple trees….won’t be long for that either! Can almost taste it!! Hope your day’s continue to grow longer and the winds begin to blow warm! Cheryl

  2. Okay….I just went back to the new fur gloves….Where do I have to go to get a pair and where do I jewelry shop??? I’d like to know where your mall is and I’ll be on the next flight!!! I’ve had the credit card in the freezer for a long while just chillin’ out and it’s ready to go!! Cheryl

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