Tom is an Otter

Tom is and Otter

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We had just enough time to drive up to Chena Hot Springs and soak before Tom’s Bird Conference yesterday. It was so good to drive through the woods and see trees and hills. We even saw a group of Moose. It was also wonderful to soak in the natural hot springs. Anyone heading to Fairbanks should plan to stop here.

The temperature has also been above zero the whole time we have been in Fairbanks. It was raining and 42 degrees today. The best part of March is the longer days. It is light until 7:30 this week and the days keep growing by 5 minutes or more.

3 thoughts on “Tom is an Otter

  1. an otter???…I would say more like a walrus!…just kidding Tom.

    Cindy and I really enjoyed having diner with you guys last night. Hope the rest of your stay in Fairbanks is enjoyable.

    Tom and Cindy

    PS..I really like your blog page and flicker pictures. It looks like you guys have been having lots of adventures since coming to Alaska.

  2. So how long will you all be traveling? Sounds like a great trip. The falcon’s that use our office building have been very active over the last few weeks. Hunting and hanging together. It really adds to the day whenyou get to see them! Take care of the otter! Love you TJ

  3. Did you know that this type of activity in WI would be considered highly illegal??? We believe that exposing the local wildlife to such frivolity would elicit a ticket from the DNR to the tune of molesting the wildlife????? :0) Actually, we’re jealous that on our 3 trips to AK we never found the time to go to Chena…..looks simply marvelous!!! Is snowing here tonight and only supposed to get 2-4″. I think we’re all ready for the snow to go! The book group is heading to Duluth on Wed. evening to see Greg Mortenson at the DECC! Can’t wait!! Can’t remember if you read 3 Cups of Tea or not….great read! I am now working full time in a part time job at the clinic in Med. Records…..having a blast, however, Paige isn’t so excited! Haven’t had any calls this winter from your renters….perhaps they figured everything out or they are now both frozen solid!!! Hope it’s the former and not the latter!!! Can’t wait for Hollywood Tom’s picture to come out!!!! Will be looking for it! If you both or one of you come back for the premiere, our house is open for guests!! Al & I were in FL 2 weeks ago for a week at Disney with Tim/Brenda/kids! Wow….was glad to be home, but the park was something!! Got a little brown, but fading…..go figure….cold and dark here! Was fun to see blooming flowers and green grass!! Al enjoyed the cheerleaders at the resort there, but I was sick of all the prancing aroung and the clicques! I sure hope I wasn’t like that when I was a teen! We miss you two and think of you often! Yell if you need a care pkg!!! Al was wondering if Omni Max will be doing a documentary on the otters in AK. Tom I believe this question is to you… there a grant in the offing?????

    Email when you get a chance…..Love ya! Cheryl & Al

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