-22 again!

We haven’t seen above zero temperatures since Xmas Eve. Maybe a brief interlude at 2 or 3. And we aren’t even discussing wind chill at this point. So what do you do when it’s this cold?

Tom and Andrea’s Top 10 things to do at -17 degrees and below

10. Check your blackfish trap (Tom)
9. Stay in you P.J.’s till noon (Andrea)
8. Watch your latest netflix shipment
7. Play hide and seek with the dogs inside
6. Go to work (comp some time to take in the daylight)
5. Shop online for better below zero gear (-140 boots in the mail)
4. Ski-jour across the tundra ( 1 hour max)
3. Go to a Fiddle Dance
2. Learn how to two step before the next fiddle dance
1. Make an appointment to put a block heater in the truck

2 thoughts on “-22 again!

  1. Hey Andrea and Tom
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It sounds like you are trying your best to bet the cold…WOW, I guess it’s as bad as they say….Can’t believe so many do so much outside. They must have better clothes than most of us lower forty folks.
    Loved the present…Hope you got the torte and stuff.
    Is Pete keeping warm…I know I would never get Molly or Sally out in that cold to go potty!!!! How about Nolan and Pete???
    Love YA..

  2. Have the boots arrived in time for the dogsled race?

    We are expecting some of your cold air to dip down into the lower 40- only -teens at night though. I am planning to take your favorites list to heart- seems like the video and pj’s will be quite popular.

    Saturday PM there is a girl’s night out. Libations always warm the spirit.

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