Fresh Produce at -19

It’s been -19 for 3 days. But Freeze or shine, we have a box of fresh organic fruits and vegetables waiting for us in the heated halls of the public library. Over 100 residents of Bethel get a weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from The Full Circle Farm in Carnation Washington. Our boxes are shipped in one day and arrive on the 5:00pm flight.

This box of sunshine has a great lifting affect on our week. “Is it veggie day?” Then all week we enjoy fresh organic pears, spinach, potatoes, and more from the west coast. It’s hard to believe that we can get such a service flown into the tundra all year.

One thought on “Fresh Produce at -19

  1. Wish I could get fresh produce every week all year – you are lucky. That must feel like a bit of luxury every week when that box arrives.

    Enjoy your Christmas! We think of you often. All our love, Jennifer John Caroline & Isabelle.

    Also a big thanks for the chocolates – they arrived just in time for your dad’s visit.

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