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Nolan and I had a fun day skiing through the tundra. There are tons of snowmobile trails behind the house that make it easy to travel. Nolan pulled me on quite a few of the stretches. We had a blast for a 4 degree day. I only ended up on my but a few times. And I really enjoyed the pull up the hill at the end of the trail.

Now we are just working on our new commands:

On by – ignore that
Hike, OK – go
Gee- right
haw – left

4 thoughts on “Hike!

  1. Hey Andrea
    Looks like you arfe adapting to the way oflife up there quite well. Next you’ll have to get Nolan booties so his feet don’t freeze while he’s pulling you around. Nolan looks like he is anxious to learn and go go go!!! Bet Pete is just as glad to lie around the warm house while you all explore the tundra and the cold…
    How much snow do you all have now? Love to you and Frum and of course Pete and Nolan!!!

  2. Andrea,

    What fun!!!

    I have been trying to e-mail you but my e-mails keep bouncing back. Can you try e-mailing me from there? J.Schwerin@lsc.edu

    I have some questions about next summer….

    Say Hi to Tom and the dogs for me!


  3. Hey Andrea and Frum,
    Looks like Nolan is up to the job and Pete is happy to stay back in the warm house. So how much snow have you all had so far? NYS is experiencing winter for the last few days; cold and snow. Glad the new barn has water so Mom doesn’t have to carry any more water pails. Hope all is well. Take care…Love ya

  4. Guys
    I have tried to subit several comments, but to no avail. Hope this gets thru. Nolan looks like he was made for the sport while Pete enjoys the warmth of home.
    So how much snow do you have? Total maybe 6 inches here. We have had a few thaws and expect sleet and freezing rain later.
    The new barn has it’s pluses and minues. The fact that Mom doesn’t have to carry wter to the barn anymore is the greatest!!! She even has warm water out there for the horses!!! THey are still working out the kinks.. Best to you all. Love Tunk

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