Second Snow


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It did snow last week for about an hour. But it looks like snow is here to stay.

Tom and I finally got our Alaska drivers license. Let the jury duty begin. It seems that you can plan on serving jury duty 2-3 times a year. They pick the folks that live in Bethel because it’s expensive to fly the other greater population in to serve on the jury. We are just happy we can order booze from Anchorage now. We are down to 3 bottles of wine. Tom hasn’t had a beer in 3 months. This must be a lifetime(adult) record.

One thought on “Second Snow

  1. Hey Guys
    Glad to know that you can order the warming fluid so that you don’t freeze up there. Can’t believe it’s been 3 months without a beer how about his friend jim beam?
    I take it the temps have dropped. Keep warm and stay healthy.
    Love keeping up with you all through the blogs. I keep Mom up to date as well.
    Love to you all, critters too!!

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