Space Science in Kwigillingok

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The Kwig kids are exploring some exciting space science this month. Besides testing straw rockets, the kids are video conferencing with scientist from NASA. They are submitting a proposal to control the THEMIS satellite orbiting Mars. They also conferenced with scientist to share Mars habitats that they had built. Not bad for a small school in Alaska.

IMG_1058.JPGThe kids also got to hear a Yup’ik star expert talk about survival, navigating and predicting the weather by the stars. He also shared star stories. I only caught bits and pieces because he spoke mainly in Yup’ik. I am waiting to watch a translation soon.

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  1. I collected some information about making hovercrafts out of old CDs and balloons for the Girl Scouts. Included are concepts about air. Maybe a little rocket science.
    Girl Scout Hovercrafts

    It would be neat if they get to work with the satellite. Some of my neighbor kids are from Kwig.

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