Parking Lot at Kwigillingok


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Kwigillingok is on the western edge of the district. When the only way in is a small plane and your village is built in a tidal marsh, you learn to use vehicles that will travel on the board walk. I really enjoyed the staff and the students at “Kwig”. But the highlight for me was visiting the kayak workshop check out the site for info on traditional kayaks. One of the kayaks from Kwig is on it’s way to the Smithsonian. The article linked here is great.

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  1. I checked out the traditional kayak building-Bill Wilkerson-interview. Metorik-very exciting, And the final product looks heavenly to paddle in. The water and tundra look like great places to explore and get close to wildlife. Tides is another aspect to consider when planning your journey’s. Happy Boating

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