IMG_0907.JPGTom went to a Mekoryuk, a village on the Island of Nunivak last week. He went to investigate an algae bloom in the Mekoryuk River. Low water conditions were likely responsible for creating conditions to promote algae growth. Normal fall rains have raised the water levels and controlled the growth.IMG_0927.JPG

There are reindeer on Nunivak Island. Both Musk Ox and reindeer were brought to the Island in th 30’s and 40’s after the disappearance of local caribou. The reindeer are herded and harvested by the native corporation. We can order meat in the fall.


A large portion of the Island is owned by the wildlife refuge. There is a research cabin on the beach. The island is volcanic. You can see caldera lakes, old lava flows and volcanic rocks on the island.

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  1. Hi!! Al and I tried the reindeer meat on all of our visits. Is very good!! Sounds as if your boat is working quite well!! Glad to hear that you’re getting to know your students! Can’t wait to hear more when you come home! We got 3.2″ of rain in the past 24 hours! Whoo hoo!! We’ll be baling the grass later this week!! :0) Had 6 grouse in the yard 2 nights ago….can’t quite taste them…….yet!! Had killing frost last week and a few snow flakes. The whitetail have turned to their dark colors already. The trees are really turning colors now. Won’t be long before it’s white!! See you soon! Cheryl

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