Andrea Becomes a Virtual Science Teacher

Last month I took the plunge and applied for a job teaching science in Bethel at the Lower Kuskokwim School District. I got the job! I will be teaching 9-12 Biology, Ecology and Earth Science through their video distance learning network. I am really excited about taking everything I have learned as a technology director and putting it to work in the classroom. I miss teaching. If you want to watch me in action, visit the school web site in September and click on the virtual classroom. It will all be archived. Scary!

2 thoughts on “Andrea Becomes a Virtual Science Teacher

  1. Andrea,
    This is great news. Frum had said you had applied for a job and that they had asked you for a phone interview almost immediately. It will keep the long days and nights if you are able to tell the difference much more managable.
    We are thinking of you and hope your trip out goes well. Wishing you and the dogs a good flight out!

  2. Andrea, thanks to modern technology and your expertise, Kitty and I will be able share your and Tom’s experiences in Alaska vicariously. I hope we can visit sometime next year. Having a daughter like you means a lot to me.

    Love, Dad

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