8 villages in 3 days


Originally uploaded by Andrea Pokrzywinski

School started last week. The week before school started, I volunteered to help the tech department get the video cameras working in each village. Brent, the video support person, and I went together the first day to reconfigure the cameras after the switch over to a new provider. We had fog until noon each day I flew, Luckily the school had charted the plane and we made up time in the evening. We split up to cover more territory the second day. It isn’t dark until 11:00 PM still. I saved money on the charter by taking a passenger, the mail and some groceries on the second day. It was great to see the schools and meet folks live that I usually see only on video. But what a whirlwind tour.

Classes have now started and we are all trying to get back in the swing of things. It’s hard with the beautiful days we have had and the ripe blueberries calling us outside.

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