Therapod track

Therapod track

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Here’s Andrea Chin measuring a Therapod cast. You can just make out the three toes. This are is called the dinosoar dance floor. You can often see small track inside of large ones. All of the tracks we found are casts. We found plant and invertebrate life from the cretaceous period. Meta sequoias, horsetails, beetles, bivalves and snails. There was a lot of diversity in the rock layers too. Some of the rhyolite was green from copper and some was red from iron oxidation. There were faults and folding. I took lots of pictures for Earth Science class.

Oh, and here’s a picture of me trying to look cool in front of a Hadarosaurus track. Can you see the 3 toes? I am clinging onto the rock face or would have put my hand next to the track.IMG_2028.JPG


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