Super Nolan

I am having a bit of fun figuring out how to use the equipment for our project at Aropuk lake. Even figured out how to post my video to Youtube. This is going to be fun. But I am going to have mouse fingers.

2 thoughts on “Super Nolan

  1. Hey Andrea and Frum

    Very nice to see Nolan being such a good boy! Andrea, you are getting the hang of the equipment. Hope all is going well.

    You, especially Frum, need to go to you tube and type in under the video part; utica peregrine. This is the pair of peregrines I have seen for several years. I’ve actually seen at least one since I’ve been inthe State Office Bldg., the highest bldg in Utica. THe only reason this poor pair had to lay their egg at the M&T bank is that the state started work on the outside of the building bothering the birds. I wish they would put up a nesting box for them onthe state building. Then they would have what they need. I feel sorry for them, having been ousted fromtheir perferred hanging out site. I love to watch them and many times have their kills, or at least parts of them, left on my window sill. I’m on the top floor. Theya re the only good reason to go to that building. Check it out and see what you think. Love you both, Tunk

  2. You are getting the hang of this you tube thing. Nolan looks well trained!
    You should check out Utica Peregrine and it shows the peregrine i’ve had on my window sill for years. the only reason they are at such a low height it the fact that the state started work on our building, tallest in the city, and they couldn’t be on that building. wish they would build a box for them on our building….

    hope Leiter and all arrived safely

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