Hudsonian Godwit Study

We must add The Yukon Delta to this Map

Some of you may see this title and think oh, Tom has another research project. But no, this time Andrea is chasing birds. Andrea received a Toyota Tapestry Grant to involve her students in a shorebird study with YK-Delta. She will be taking two students to the Aropuk Lake research camp in July (by float plane). This large wetland is believed to be one of three places that the Hudsonian Godwits stage before flying non stop to South America. They must bulk up on food to complete this marathon. The students will spend a week researching, video taping and photographing birds with scientist who are looking for clues about the ecology of Godwits. During the school year, the ecology classes will use summer footage to create documentaries to share with students in South America. Students will meet through video conferencing and provide each other with clues about the birds dual existence in two hemispheres.
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