A Helicopter to Prom

The kids were a bit antsy in class last week. They were planning for prom. There was talk about tuxes, balloons and dates. Most High Schools invite other students to attend their proms, but when you live in a village on a river in Alaska with no roads, and the ice has melted too much or safe travel, logistics are hard. Napaskiak invited Oscarville to attend their prom. These two schools often socialize because Oscarville is just across the river from Napaskiak. But when the river thawed, prom seemed a doubtful endeavor. Oscarville is too close to Bethel to have an airstrip, so they are stuck between ice out and boats in. Then came the news that a local helicopter pilot had volunteered to fly the kids across the river to prom. This is coolest prom ride I have ever heard of. You can read more about it from “Getting There From Here

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