Tundra Skyline

Tundra Skyline

Originally uploaded by Andrea Pokrzywinski

A distant snowstorm builds in the west. We spent half a day chasing white birds on white snow against a white sky. A dramatic view of all the shades of white and grey.

It was a beautiful warm day (28 F). We rode along the river bluff past 3 villages and back.

One thought on “Tundra Skyline

  1. I love this picture! I’ll bet the real deal doesn’t do this justice!! Can’t wait to see you when you come home!! Sounds like a BBQ at the lake is in order!! Nice to know you’re going to win the loot and that dinner will be on you!! :0) Do you have a place to stay when you’re back??

    Al stopped measuring snow here on Fri. at 20 inches…most has melted and the road is flooding a little. Heard the neighbor’s beagle barking out back this morning….must be running deer again…..I really don’t like that…… A lot of the song birds are coming back. Saw 2 swans landing on the beaver ponds just east of the house last weekend. Couldn’t get a close enough look to see if they were tundras or not….sure were beautiful and graceful! Kind of give you some hope that the season is changing for sure! Saw some pussywillows open on the way home from work this week as well! Paige has had a tick already. Hubby plans to spray for the critters soon. Let me know if you need lodging….we’ll keep the light on if you need a room!!

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