C’amai (Hello)

This weekend was the annual C’amai dance festival in Bethel. The Bethel Arts Council invites dancers from all over the world to share dances. When you go to C’amai you get a sense of fun. Yupik dancing is also storytelling. The dancers shared traditional stories and new stories such as the cowboy dance and Bruce Lee. There were dancers from all over the delta, the Aleutians, South Dakota, and New Zealand.

All of the dancers did an amazing job of involving the children. The Yupik dancers have children who are just old enough to walk on stage, learning and observing. Scammon bay had an 89 year old dancer who performed a Bruce Lee dance parody with her Grandson. The Sioux hoop dancer called up 30 kids to learn hoop dancing and impress the audience and the Maroi dancers painted face tattoos on the kids.

This festival really celebrates the joy of dancing. There are more pictures at the Bethel Arts site. I’ll get a copy of the video if anyone wants to watch :-)

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  1. Hi!! Happy April Fool’s Day! My nephew turns 21 today….Our joke here was a foot of snow last night and into this morning! No Joke Either!! I can’t get to work this morning….Al spent the night in Eau Claire. He won’t be home until tonight and he’s working in Rice Lake today. The frost was beginning to come up from the depths of the road beds the past few days. Our road was really soft in spots as is the driveway. I think mud season is already here, but covered up for another couple of days. Sun is shining now. Our mourning doves are back…no robins yet, but I hear they’re in the neighborhood! Really enjoying the pics! The dancers look beautiful! What are their fans(?) made of? Looks like some caribou fur, but not sure on that one! I’ll bet the dancing was incredible!! I wish you were with us in Duluth to hear Greg Mortenson! Oh, my gosh!! What a presentation! He’s so passionate about his education of those who do without! Made me want to visit the highlands of Afghanistan and check it out for myself! He was very articulate and his slide presentation was outstanding! He gave us all something to think about! When you come back, we need to take you to Hell’s Kitchen! Food is to die for!! Checked it out after Greg’s talk! It’s near Red Lobster/DeWitt/Seitz’s buildings! They had wild rice porridge that will knock your socks off!! Too many goodies in it to mention….gotta have more!! Hope your weather begins to warm up soon too! Cheryl

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