The Winds of Western Alaska

trying to get outin front of teachr housing

This winter has been really windy. We have had a lot of very cold( -20/30) days followed by warm (30/40 degree) days.  This creates a windy situation. We had one storm in January with wind gusts of 100 mph clocked. That night a small plane was flipped over and totaled. We found pieces of our neighbors siding in our yard. A large square area of siding is now missing. There was lots of flotsam and jetsam.

Anything over 40mph seems gigantic to me. Our house is cozy, but it gets noisy and sways. The water in the toilet sloshes back and forth too. I did find out that this is actually a vacuum phenomena cause by the wind blowing across our water vent. You have to hang out with science teachers to learn this.

We have been pounded by one storm after another like this. We had to cancel and reschedule the science fair until March. There has hardly been a day when one of my schools hasn’t been in class due to weather closure, electricity out, or some other natural phenomena working against us. The winds have made it very hard to travel to. Here is a picture of the inside of teacher housing in Akiuk. The wind blew this snow in and they had to dig out of their artic entry. There is another shot of a drift outside of this house.