A 10 Mile Hike


On sunday we tried to hike to the head of the glacier. They close this road in the winter so you have to walk to the trailhead.  After 5 miles one way we gave up. It was so great to walk on a hard trail. Something we are not used to. So we settled for a beautiful 10 mile hike along the river. We will have to come back to see the glacier on another day.

Sea Life Center


Our second day in Seward was very relaxed. We went to the Sea Life center and enjoyed all of their fantastic displays. There were about 6 other people there and we could wander around each display without crowds. They have done an excellent job of combining research and public education. Tom got to pet sea anenomes and urchins. Our favorite section was the diving duck display. You could go downstairs and watch the ducks dive and feed.They were mesmerizing.

Tom turns 50


The old man is half a century old. Keenan flew into Anchorage to surprise Tom on his birthday weekend trip to Seward. Another photographer took this picture of us on the Turnigan pass road just outside of Anchorage. It was a beautiful day to travel. Keenan came back to Bethel with us and was introduced to tundra life.