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Student Unit Overview

Introduction: This unit is designed to help you investigate how climate changes may impact the geese populations and habitat of Western Alaska. The materials have been gathered to introduce students to a research project occurring in the YK Delta on climate change. The research is centered out of a camp on the Tutakoke river near Chevak, Alaska.

Learning Goal: Students will explain how climate change has raised questions about the future of geese in Western Alaska. They will learn more about the relationships of plants and animals in a coastal marsh.

Unit Design: Informational text and media are posted online at this site. All media and text may be downloaded and used for educational use. The activities and learning objectives are published on student handouts that are linked here and throughout the site.

Student Learning Activities

Science in Western Alaska

Birds in Abundance in the Yukon Delta

Geese of the Yukon Delta

The Ecological Role of Birds

Timing of Green-Up (under construction)

Phenology Journaling

Geese as Gardeners 
Cycles of Life 

Ecology Career Investigations ( Under Construction)

  • Download the student handout
  • Read and view the media found on the web page.
  • Complete the student handout to document and analyze what you learn