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Tips for Alaska Science Teachers

#1 Become a National Science Teacher Association Member
A great way to stay connected when you work in rural Alaska is to join the National Science Teachers Association. Once you are a member you can join a listserv for every science content are you teach. Yeah, that could be all of them, LOL. One of the best perks is the ability to browse their old journal issues which are full of excellent lesson plans.

#2 Become a member of the Alaska Science Teachers Association
This group sponsors $500 mini-grants for professional development and classroom supplies. All thoughtful proposals get serious consideration

#3 Join the AK Science Teacher Listserv- 

#4 Connect with the Alaska Science Teachers Facebook 

#5 Share or search on Twitter using the #akscied or #akphenomena

#6 Check out these lesson plans and resources. I will be adding to this list as I collect new resources throughout the year. Feel free to email me with more.

Alaska Resources

National Links

Cultural Connections

Science Teacher Professional Development

Science Teach Resources

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