What is Ecology

Cat’s of Borneo- A lesson that helps students understand relationships¬† cause and effect within an ecosystem.

Disruptions in Ecosystems– A case study of the wolves of Yellowstone. A great introductory activity to get students Thinking about interrelationships within an ecosystem. This lesson has been vetted as an EQUIP rated example through the NGSS web site. It is designed as a middle school lesson, but I use it as an introduction to Ecology.

Alaska Ecology



Carbon Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

Water Cycle

Climate Change


Carrying Capacity

Ecological Foot Prints


Environmental Issues & Cases

General Resource Links

Teacher Resources

Recommendations to Research for Curriculum Updates for Ecology

Ecology Disrupted Curriculum Collection

The Bighorn Sheep and Their Environment –

Unit 7 Ecosystems and Invasive Species – Zebra Mussels of the Hudson River

Dirsuptions in Ecosystems – Wolves of Yellowstone

HHMi BioInteractive –

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