Here is a short list of  the tools in my productivity collection box.

  • Google Classroom – Base Camp for Class
  • – Open source Science Text Book and much more
  • EdPuzzle – a free tool for cropping videos and adding interactive questioning to the video viewing experience for students. This tool also allows teachers to monitor who has viewed an entire video.
  • Google Tools and Apps (Google it!)
  • Quizziz – Game based quizzing
  • Flipgrid– For recording lab work, presenting and sharing
  • Quizlet – flash cards and review games
  • – a gamified student response tool (Caution! kids love this)****
  • Nearpod – reach out and control them, oops, I mean share your screen and let them have a personal screen view they can interact with
  • Ink2@Go – annotate your screen or keynotes using a graphic tablet or iPad.
  • Camtasia – for recording short instructional videos
  • CoolText – a site for creating cool banners to jazz up your Moodle
  • Smart Notebook –  Guided note taking a publishing handwritten notes and scribing
  • Create a Graph an easy tool to get students started with graphing
  • virtual  dice – because sometimes the remote site just can’t seem to find the box of materials you sent
  • Random Name Generator – Scoreboard – Stopwatch
  • Convert to Metric obvious but useful in science labs
  • Actively Learn – I tool for adding interactivity to independent reading assignments.

Open Source Tools for Doing Science in A Distance Learning Class

  • Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry Portal (ITSI)– includes customizable sensor and simulation activities with an online interface for lab notebooks and reports.
  • Many resources on Concord Consortium
  • PHET Simulations  – online simulations and inquiry lesson plans
  • Geniverse – an online game that involves meiosis and breeding dragons
  • ECO Muve – an immersive virtual environment for learning about ecosystem and causal patterns
  • Web Based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE) Portal
  • Virtual Field Experiences a growing collection of virtual inquiries about the earth and directions for making your own with students.
  • ArcGIS Online – powerful mapping software that is available for free to all k-12 schools and getting easier to use, really! Check out the map journals and story maps. (Available free to schools through their state contacts)
  • HHMI Biointeractives –  virtual labs, lessons and media-
  • Simbucket– Science simulations
  • The Physics Classroom – Many ideas for teaching physical
  • SERC – The Science Education Resource Center from Carleton College. A bottomless wealth of lesson plans and inquiry data activities.
  • Gizmo by Explore Learning ( I hardly ever add subscription based products but this one is worth breaking my rule.)

Online Digital Photography 

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