Science Teaching

Looking for good tools and models to challenge your science instructional tool set?. Here are some of my favorite resources. I have spent a good deal of time adapting them to using in my classes.

Three Dimensional Science Instruction (NGSS)

The Wonder of Science – Paul Anderson
A great site for getting started with NGSS. Wonderful posters, tools, and ideas explained by video. This is my go-to resource for introducing and digesting the shift to 3D teaching and learning.

Argument Driven Inquiry
This is a powerful instructional model that encompasses all the aspects of teaching with the NGSS. This is the first inquiry model that puts all the pieces together in a reproducible structure that I can understand.

Inquiry Hub Biology– This is an amazing resource that challenges me to integrate the multiple facets of NGSS with intriguing storylines.

Disruptions in Ecosystems – Another great model of 3 dimensional learning that weaves Claims Evidence and Reasoning skills throughout the lessons. I found it challenging and interesting enough for my High School Ecology students.

Science Process Skills Ideas

Open Source NGSS Three Dimensional Curriculum



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