Alaska Geology

Supplemental Resources for Alaska Geology Teachers

Find our Open Source Alaska Geology text book on The book follow is organized by the following topics. Below are supplemental resources to enrich the informational text.

1. Fossils to Fuel

2. Interpreting Alaska’s Past

  • ADI Earth Science Lab 5. Geologic Time and the Fossil Record: Which Time Intervals in the Past 650 Million Years of Earth’s History Are Associated With the Most Extinctions and Which Are Associated With the Most Diversification of Life?

3. Rock It

4.  Plate Tectonics

5. Eruption! (Volcanoes)

  • Alaska Volcanoes Guidebook for Teachers (grades 6 – 12) provides locally relevant and useful resources and activities for the exploration of numerous and truly unique volcanic landscapes in Alaska.

6. Shake It Up! (Earthquakes)

7. Build Me Up, Break me down!(Erosion)

8 . Denali Rocks (Virtual Field Trip)

Miscellaneous Links

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