Adventures in Blended Learning

Its a busy time of year, but a good opportunity to reflect on how my classes are wrapping up. To help push my to the next level, I have signed on to a Mooc about blended learning. This course is offered by The Blended Toolkit with instructors form UCF (University of Central Florida) and the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

My first assignments is to create a matrix of how I am blending my class. I have chosen to use my Digital Photography class as my case project.  When I first developed this course, I thought it would be 100 % online.  Most of my courses are live video conferences. I wanted to take a crack at delivering a completely online class.  I found myself taking advantage of the opportunity to meet live twice a week with most groups. I am now intentionally blending more F2F time for video conference instruction as well as question and answer sessions. This Diagram shows how I view the blended opportunities that I am currently offering.

Its good to think purposefully about the methods I use in delivering content. This will help me plan my interactions and lessons more purposefully next year. I think it will help my co-facilitators and students to have a snapshot of the course design and what it means to be a “blended course” I am looking forward to hammer out more details on this strategy.



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