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I have the pleasure of spending the day with Shane Elliot, one of the developers of Moodle. Shane is sharing the new developments coming in Moodle. 1.9X and 2.0. Portfolios and improved Grade book features are two keys upgrades. But I think the most significant evolution is the social networking tools. Their will be tagging and blog features to facilitate this. There will also be a way for moodle “teachers” to connect with other moodle “teachers” and share content. This will open the door for collaboration with commercial content too.

But I am most excited about the prospect of teachers sharing curriculum. I am a huge fan of the whole creative commons philosophy. It makes so much sense for us to work together. This video is a great overview of the philosophy. We should be able to use this concept to collaborate and develop online curriculum. MIT is sharing a lot of their courses online. But the Open University has gone one step further and puts the units in Moodle online. You can download these and bring these into your own Moodle. I can see integrating some of the introductory units into my class an tweeking them. Of course I’ll share 🙂


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  1. I am looking forward 1.9 will be official. Lot of work has been made during the Bugathon, hope my teachers will like new version when available.

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