Screen Recording Using Slide Show Tips

Here are some tips for annotating screencasts using a Google Slide, Power PowerPoint, or Keynote slide show. Using screen drawing tools and images can really add to your instructional video’s impact.  If you aren’t used to screencast tools that allow you to annotate,  there are some tricks to learning how to record and still have access to your screen recording menus. You don’t want to open the full-on presenter mode while recording and annotating, but you can present in a window. This allows you to see a preview of your show without taking over the whole screen. These are also very good strategies for sharing presentations in Zoom so that you can access your other tools while presenting. Here is a quick screencast on how to do this.


  • Avoid bullets and animations in your slides
  • Power Point – View, Reading View
  • Google Slides – Present, Presenter View
  • Keynote- Play, Play Slideshow in Window



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