Screen Recording Using Slide Show Tips

There are some annoying glitches when you screencast with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. The main thing to work around is the full-screen presenter mode. If you present your slides using full-screen mode,  which makes the animations and the bullets etc work, this prevents you from seeing the annotation tools in recording programs such as Screencastomatic and screencastify. The workaround is to present it in a window. This allows you to resize your window, and see your recording and/or annotation tools.  These are also very good strategies for sharing presentations in Zoom so that you can access your other tools while presenting. Here is a quick screencast on how to do this.

Note: I did not show the toolbars very well in my video. When in Present in Window mode your animations will work just like they do in full screen mode. You can resize the presentation window so that you can see your tools. 

Quick Guide for showing your slides in a window for presentation rather than fullscreen.

  • Power Point – View, Reading View


Google Slides – Present, Presenter View

Keynote- Play, Play Slideshow in Window (Play in Window for newer versions)

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