The Patterns Approach: NGSS Science Curriculum

Patterns of Science is an AWESOME open source science curriculum published by the Portland Metro STEM Collaborative. They have an amazing NGSS science curriculum available on their web site. Then, to top of their main resources, they have been pulling together support on how to reach ALL of their students during the Pandemic remote learning crisis. They aren’t simply throwing everything online and telling teachers to “have at it” They are also developing equitable paper packets that try to retain the same interaction, inquiry and quality as their live or digital lesson.

“Our team of teacher leaders has developed distance learning resources for each Patterns course to support students and teachers during school closures. These resources will support your classroom and district implementation of Distance Learning for All as directed by the Oregon Department of Education.”

Read More about this model and the resources available

Patterns High School Science – Vertical Articulation Resource Guide

Patterns Approach HS Science Curriculum Pedagogy Design Principles

NSTA Article, The Science Teacher, “The Patterns Approach: Engaging Freshman in Practices of Science” Bradford Hill.

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