Screen Recording using Slide Show Tips

Here are som tips to annotating screencasts using a Google Slide, Power PowerPoint, or Keynote slide show. Using screen drawing tools and images can really add to your instructional video’s impact.  If you aren’t used to screencast tools that allow you to annotate,  there are some tricks to learning how to record and still have access to your screen recording menus. You don’t want to open the full-on presenter mode while recording and annotating, but you can present in a window. This allows you to see a preview of your show without taking over the whole screen. These are also very good strategies for sharing presentations in Zoom so that you can access your other tools while presenting. Here is a quick screencast on how to do this.


  • Avoid bullets and animations in your slides
  • Power Point – View, Reading View
  • Google Slides – Present, Presenter View
  • Keynote- Play, Play Slideshow in Window



Turn your smartphone into a document camera

IPEVO IDocCam is a great tool for repurposing your iphone or an ipad into a document camera. The app costs .99 a month or $9.99 a year. Once you download and install the software the only trick is creating a stand. Of course IPEVO sells a really nifty smartphone stand for $59.00. You can also use a cookie rack and a stack of books and position the camera through wires. A piece of plexiglass is also a good tool.

(image from

IPEVO Annotate

IPEVO AnnotateIPEVO Annotate. This is a free download from IPEVO. It allows you to mark up anything that displays on your computer. You can also pop up a whiteboard to solve problems on.

You can also use IPEVO Annotator in Whiteboard mode. Here is a video to explain this.

For and ipad like experience, you can use a Wacom graphics tablet that comes with a pen. This will allow you to annotate with the pen and is much easier to draw equations with.


Alaska Phenomena

Please help us collect great ideas that connect science to Alaska students using phenomena, ideas, and resources that spark wonder!


Thanks to Vicki in Homer for sharing this one with me. 

I have started a draft list that you can see here. Alaska Phenomena Word Doc Draft

You can submit your ideas and resources using this google form link




EcoMuve is an immersive ecology game built by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The game is downloaded and installed on student computers. Students explore pond ecology while playing the game and interacting with data collection simulations. I plan to explore this with my ecology students working remotely this winter. Teacher and students guides are available to support integration of this game.