K300 Countdown


It warmed up to above zero Monday. The first time in 3 weeks. Just in time for race preparations. The volunteers who mark the trail from Bethel to Aniak had to cancel work on Saturday when temps dipped to -20 and 30 below again. We had -36 Sunday Morning. But folks took vacation days on Tuesday and got the job done.

We have been busy too. Loaning our winter gear, cooking for check points and hosting a musher. Mitch Seavy, his handler, and 15 dogs are staying at our house. Tom picked Mitch and the crew up at the airport yesterday. It was fun to hear mushing stories through dinner. Mitch won the K300 in 2005, but his goal is prepping for the Iditarod. He is one of the top mushers in the state. He also knows Gary Paulsen, which is fun because I have read a lot of Gary’s books including Winterdance (A hilarious tale of a novice running the Iditarod).

Stay Tuned for more K300 notes.

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