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For the first time in 20 years we had Trick or Treaters knocking at our door. I ran out of candy in the first hour. There were kids everywhere. Pickups drove up and waited as kids knocked on doors to collect their loot. I turned the light off when I got down to fruit leather. I still had knocks when the light was out.

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Andrea,

    It was so great to see you in Superior! Also, THANK YOU for turning me
    on ot Eco Geeks; I have incorporated several of their clips into my
    Biology & Society class.

    I am interested in coming up this summer to do one of these teacher
    research things that you mentioned Tom is organizing. I will contact
    him directly this week about it, but I was wondering if you had any
    thoughts about the best time for me to come up? If I am teaching on
    line, late May, June, July and most of August are possibilities for me.

    Love your Blog! Say Hi to Tom for me, and give Nolan a congratulatory
    scratch for his first ptarmigan!


    ( I sent an e-mail to you but it came back undeliverable. Maybe E-mail me so I can reply back)

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