Another K300 Start

Andrea puts jackets ont the dogs as they are harnessed.

Tom got the snow go started. It was a close call

We are hosting Dallas Seavey for this year’s K300 Race. We have plenty of room at the house and its a lot of fun to learn more about the sport by hosting a musher.

It’s been cold and windy all week. Everyone was hoping for snow, warmer weather and a lighter breeze. -37 windchill (-12 with 30 mph winds) made it a cold start. My strategy was to keep busy helping with the dogs. Tom and Dallas put a tow line on the snow go to hold the dogs back.  The trail was so icy that Dallas asked us to ride on the snow go behind him for the first 6 miles.  He told Tom to watch the GPS and try to maintain the team at a steady 10 miles per hour. This would help keep them from getting to crazy and burning out on a fast, icy trail.

The wind was blowing the sled around and the dogs were not happy with the ice. But the trail got a little better  a mile out. My gear kept me pretty warm , except my toes were cold from standing around on the ice before the start. Tom had a hard time with his hands on the ropes, the wind was brutal on any exposed flesh.  We were both glad to turn back to Bethel. We entered our house with a new appreciation for both mushers and dogs who still have many more miles to go.

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