Of Dogs and Birds


The Raven’s are an icon of the tundra for me. Their antics constantly amuse me. When I am teaching, there is a crew of ravens that like to perch on the window sill or roof and talk away. They can be quite loud as they move snow around, steal garbage and play games. I have noticed them opening bags of garbage in trucks with no toppers. They also make a mess out of our dumpsters as they dig in looking for their next meal.

Nolan loves to go raven watching. A truck ride to the store or school is sure to provide him with some good raven watching.  As a special treat, we will drive to the dump. He goes bonkers when he sees all the ravens at the dump. His nose pressed right up against the wind shield.Bethel Birds

When we go for a walk, the ravens will tease Nolan. They will swoop at him and play a “catch me if you can” games with him.  Our new house has a raven nest across the street. There is a group of teenage ravens that are hanging around the nest territory. They have a few good dumpsters in the neighborhood. Today I caught them swooping at Nolan while he was out on his line. They provide him with hours of entertainment.

IMG_5683.JPGThe birds roost on our roof and the neighbors. They use our houses as a wind break in the cold. I think they have figured out were the hot air vents warm them too.

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