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Frank Andrew built this skin boat in Kwigillingok. Another skilled craftsman. Frank passed on last year. The Yup’ik have a tradition of naming newborns after folks who have recently died. A white person without a Yupik name can also be given this name. This helps to keep the memory and spirit of the person who died alive. I met a NASA scientist, Brian Grisby, today who has spent a few weeks working with the kids at Kwig. Brian was given Frank’s name Yupik “Misaaq”.

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  1. Fascinating!! How many skins were used for the boat?? Were seal skins used or walrus? Must have taken many laborious hours to build such a fabulous water craft!!! Interesting that you met a NASA scientist. I wonder if Brian knows a classmate of mine. He’s an astronaut….Scott Altman. Scott is scheduled to go up on one of the shuttles in the next year. He’ll be commanding I believe. I will email you his address if you wish to contact him for one of your classes. I was wondering what George was working on in your other photo? At first I thought it was a pair of snowshoes, but way to pointy. Perhaps it is a boat as well??? Wondering how teaching is coming along! What is the Yu’pik word of the day??? Hi to Tom!! Won’t be long and you’ll be here!!! Cheryl

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