Flying South


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We saw hundreds of Sand Hill Cranes fly over us this weekend. It’s quite a sight to see this many cranes in one group. The mass exodus is underway. It’s hard to believe that most of the migratory birds will be gone in a few weeks. The temperatures have not fallen under 40 yet, but the leaves in the tundra are in fall color.

One thought on “Flying South

  1. Have had several flocks of geese flying around and over the neighborhood! Trees are really colorful too. Have had several thunderstorms yesterday and some already this am. Have had 4 inches of rain this week! Yaaaaahooo!! Really glad to see the rain come down!! How’s the back coming along?? Did you hear about the man from Iron River that’s missing in the Wrangell/St. Elias National Park?? He’s been missing since Monday. Hope they find him ……bad weather there…rain/snow already. I suppose the snow is in the higher elevations. Sounds like this guy is an outdoorsman and he’s in his 60’s I believe. Don’t know what his experience is in that setting though. Alot different experience is needed for the Alaskan outback……Hope he has a sidearm in case he ran up against a moose or grizz….Yikes! I just can’t go there! Al and I are enjoying the pics!! We’ll be seeing you soon! Hi to Tom!! Cheryl

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