150 Blackberry


Our move is almost complete. Nothing like packing your own s*#$@ to realize you have too much.

Our old place was great but now Tom has a spot to have a falcon. I sense white mute in my future. Although he has compromised and set his sights on a Gyr Falcon which poops straight down instead of across the room.

We have a nice patch of tundra in the back and we have a yard. They brought in enough fill when this place was built to raise the yard above the tundra and grass grows well. Now if  we can only keep Nolan from eating it.

We should have internet by next week. Maybe the boxes will be unpacked too. At least the truck will be in the garage and I won’t have to scrape ice much more.

Back Tundra


Side Yard


The view down Blackberry  Street


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