Summer Arts in Juneau

Seaweed ArtI had the priviledge of attending the Basic Arts Institute in Juneau this summer. This event is supported by the Alaska Arts Education Consortium.This was a fantastic opportunity to improve my teaching skills.

Last year, I attended the 3 day institute in Bethel and gained tons of ideas for integrating the arts into science. My students painted cells and organelles in Biology last year and they learned how to use texture to add detail to their science diagrams. This year I will continue to add music, visual arts, and storytelling skills that I learned in Juneau.

The picture above is the result of our study of Andrew Goldsworthy’s work. This is one of the Art Kits that our school has (available online at Project Articulate). After studying his work. We spent the afternoon at a beach on Auk Bay outside of Juneau. We had fantastic weather. A perfect day for gathering seaweed and tapping into our creativity.

One of my jobs at the institute was to document our work digitally. Pictures, music and video can be found at the Arts Institute Ning.  You can see more beach art and pictures from our 2 week adventure at this site.

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