Our New Subaru?

subaru.jpgkilbucksOnly 50% of the citizens in Bethel have a car, but more probably have a boat? 3 weeks after selling my Subaru, we added a small boat to our vehicle list. After months of driving the~16 miles of road. Tom enjoyed our 120 mile round trip to the Kilbuck Mountains. You can travel miles on the rivers, but they are shallow and contain a lot of sand bars. So we have a jet pump motor instead of a prop. (Tom has more details) The dogs loved our Labor day weekend trip.


bearpawWe caught rainbow trout, grayling and shot 2 green winged teal. I also picked more giant blueberries. On the next trip we are going to camp overnight. In spite of the fact that we saw HUGE Grizzly tracks. Tom assured me these bears are more wary of humans here because they are hunted heavily?????

One thought on “Our New Subaru?

  1. Wonderful, the boat looks good. Was it a trip up the kuskicum(spelling) River? I have been reading a book called Paddling to Latitude:Journeys along the Artic Edge by Jill Fredston. And there are a few pictures of polar bear prints which reminded me of your photo. They never slept too soundly and if woken in their tent, yelled GO AWAY BEAR. This mostly worked. Also one of the journeys they took was on the Yukon river, and it sounded peaceful and an easier paddle; wilderness but not artic wind or ice to paddle with. Enjoy your next boat journey.

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