Dirty Jobs – August 28th

Make sure to watch the August 28th episode of Dirty Jobs.  YK Delta refuge staff are featured swabbing bird buts. This segment is called “Wild Goose Chase”.

Mike Rowe goes on a wild goose chase literally! After traveling to the tundra, Mike joins forces with a team of workers that round up a flock of wild geese with airplanes.

Some of the only positive press for Avian Influenza. The crew was so impressed with Bethel they are coming back to do a show on cleaning sled dog kennels.

4 thoughts on “Dirty Jobs – August 28th

  1. I saw the program! Wow!! Bethel looks larger from the air!! I kept looking for Tom to no avail! Perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of him on the next episode!! Wonder if Mike Rowe wants to clean up poo from your yard?? He seems to be the poo expert on a lot of his programs. I was impressed with the catch program they had going for banding and checking for Avian flu. Looks like something that Al would volunteer to do for a project sometime!! I wouldn’t mind helping, but would have a hard time sitting or being part of the round-up! Al was in Canada when the program aired and was sorry to miss it. He’ll have to catch the reruns!!


  2. Hey Andrea,
    We just watched that episode – it was great. I actually thought of you and was watching to see if you showed up in the background!!!
    Annette Smith

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