Spring Flings


Originally uploaded by Andrea Pokrzywinski

Spring has brought a sense of celebration to the delta. Last weekend we watched students from all of our villages present a dramatic musical celebrating 50 years of statehood for Alaska. It was fascinating to hear them recap all of the changes that have taken place in 50 years. Stay tuned because this performance will be on public television.

A few artist and volunteers who helped make this show possible gathered at my house after the show to celebrate and relax after the performance. We have been pretty reclusive this winter so it was nice to have people over.

This Friday has brought more social activity. We were invited to a cardamom party. Each person brought a dish made of cardamom. Yum. We met a lot of new folks that work at YKHC (the health Corporation). Tom joined the fun and played Guitar Hero/Rock Band. He even sang.

Then Tania invited us to a Jamaican party on Saturday. Mostly YKHC folks and it was fun to explain that we didn’t work for health care. We were novelties. But it was funny to hear this crew introducing each other because they worked in different departments and didn’t know each other either. We did know a few folks and meet more of the adventurous soles that live in Bethel.

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