Tom’s Nelson Island Trip


Tom had a lot of interesting things to eat on his trip around Nelson Island. Here he is eating what is called Yup’ik potato chips. In other words, cleaned raw Northern Pike guts. Yummm!

I will post more pictures of his trip to my Flickr site in the Nelson Island Trip set.

One thought on “Tom’s Nelson Island Trip

  1. Hey Bethelites!

    Just logged on to your site and we are thrilled to see the pictures, (read it all to Dick) great news on your distance teaching position, and to learn the truth; that pike guts are good. Go Tom.

    We wish you both the best, and we will follow your days on your site. We’ll keep in touch by reponse.

    As I just spent 12 days with my family, Dick just returned from a week with Colin on the Missouri River in Yankton, SD. They were working with piping plovers, least terns and paddlefish. Great experience; lots of critters.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, experiences ….. and cuisine.

    Take care of each other!!!!!!!!
    Sue & Dick

    Tell me more about your teaching! I am so excited for your new challenge; I want to know “all” about it! That’s great!

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