Dinner at the 4 Corners


Originally uploaded by Andrea Pokrzywinski

Dave has done an amazing job of building a restaurant and kitchen for the 4 Corners Bar. He was kind enough to let us test the kitchen for a family and friend gathering while we were in Wisconsin. Here’s Freddie and Jeanie cooking the pheasants shot at Mikie’s. Sure do miss have a bar in the neighborhood. Sure do miss having a bar for 400 miles. We’ll just have to come home more.

One thought on “Dinner at the 4 Corners

  1. So, this probably isn’t the same 4 Corners I’m thinking of, but I’m still left wondering if this is the same 4 Corners I know. Where is this? The one I’m thinking of is somewhere near Seymour, WI. Good times have been had in that place…lol.

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