Waqaa means “what’s up?”

I have started to study Yup’ik words. Just a distraction to keep me from going crazy as I panic to get all the chores done before I take off on the plane next Thursday. I have to sell my car, mail my last boxes, put in my barge order, check on the house, forward mail…. arghhh.

In all this confusion,  Pete busted out of Britton’s house yesterday afternoon and got picked up by animal control. Of course, the phone #’s on the tag are out of date. Lucky Callie is head of animal control and knew how to find me. At 13 + Pete still has the spunk to go for one of his infamous runs! He is ready for Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Waqaa

  1. Hi Andrea!
    I hear ya! There is so much to do, and all I want to do is get to Alaska! Good luck with everything and I will see you in our new town in two weeks!!!

  2. Andrea,

    Camai. I tried unsucessfully to respond to your email. so I thought i’d post a message. Home phone is 1977 if you need it my wife marge will be picking you up at airport. Looks like tom will be home from Nelson Island on the third or fourth. Call us if you need anything. Your truck will be at my house.

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