First Solo Commute

First Solo Commute

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My first solo ride on a snow machine from a village. I followed the principal out to Napaskiak in the morning. Napaskiak is about 5 miles down river from Bethel. We dissected pike as an activity for culture week. I pointed out organs and how to age fish by scales. I also learned how to cut pike the Yupik way for drying. It was good to visit with elders too.

The trails are really nicely packed now. You can go almost anywhere in the tundra. The elders bet it’s going to be a late break up. It was -4 most of the day. A colder April than we are used to.

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  1. We thought mud season was over. but then we got a storm with 9-12″ of very wet, heavy snow and strong-enough winds they called it a blizzard. We would have had at least 2′ of snow if the temp had been lower. Every time I looked it was 30-32.
    But it is melting quickly in the spring sun. The robins are all puffed up trying to keep warm. There are a few open places on the bay and I saw a GBHeron in the wetlands near Ashland.

    Good Thyme (and Renee’s apartment upstairs) burned to the ground while Renee and family were on vacation in Mexico. I’m suffering from the loss.

    And missing you at CESA.

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