Frosted Branches

Frosted Branches by Andrea Pokrzywinski
Frosted Branches, a photo by Andrea Pokrzywinski on Flickr.

Frosted Branches
Today brings cold weather of minus something below. This frosty branches look good enough to eat in the afternoon light. But the cold keeps us close to the house.


Christmas Eve Afternoon

Christmas Eve, Afternoon
A short day. Its just past 4pm and the sun is already leaving us. But an additional 2 minutes or more of light each day is something to look forward to.

Tuesday is Water Day!

This is Bethel’s version of running water. A truck comes and delivers up to 1500 gallons of potable water into our clean water holding tank each week. Then a different truck comes to collect our waste water on the same day too.

There are some parts of town that have piped water. But the pipes must be run above ground and insulated.