Marengo Lake

Marengo Lake by Andrea Pokrzywinski
Marengo Lake, a photo by Andrea Pokrzywinski on Flickr.

Our dear friends, Mary and Jack Wichita invited us to stay in their cabin while we were in Wisconsin. Tom had just finished 4 weeks of detail work in Alabama and we met in Minneapolis to travel home and visit family and friends.

The cabin was a great place to base out of. It is only 3 miles from our house on Wisco Road. We enjoyed this spot on the lake where we could listen to the call of loons and here the sounds of toads and frogs at night.

Spring Arrives

DSC_1681 by Andrea Pokrzywinski
DSC_1681, a photo by Andrea Pokrzywinski on Flickr.

This was a busy spring. As the birds arrived, Tom flew south. He completed a special detail on the Gulf oil spill. He was stationed out of Fair Hope Alabama. It was a good experience for Tom in administration. Needless to say, he is happy to be back in the cooler latitudes for the summer.

Nolan and I kept busy with daily walks. I have discovered that a bird dog can help you get close up shots of birds. This is an American Widgeon that is trying to distract Nolan from its nest.