Surf and Turf


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It’s the Moose Hunt Feast. After butchering both moose. We celebrated with some Alaskan Black Cod and a salad with grilled moose meet. Mike took off with two coolers of frozen moose.

The cold weather and darkness has increased our interest in cooking. Last night was spinach salad and moose meat shepard’s pie. The night before that was moose barbecue sandwiches, This weekend it will be moose and scallops. We’re not starving. And Nolan is right on top of the pot licking.

Moose Hunt 2010

The boys came in last Saturday on two Beaver loads. The winds were picking up so I am glad they didn’t get stuck. We spent all of Sunday butchering meat. Both freezers are full.

A big thanks to Ralph who is a professional butcher and volunteered to help us cut the meat. It’s the first time we have ever had properly name packages and official cuts.

The boys saw lots of Moose, Black Bears and a Lynx. They were happy and full of stories. But they are exhausted too.

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