Fireweed Season

I’s the height of fireweed season in Alaska. The winds carry gentle scents of these summer markers. Many say you can start looking for salmon berries when the fireweed is in full bloom. Also blooming is the Wild Celery with it’s umbrella like clusters of white flowers.  These blooms overlook Katchemak Bay.

Firewedd at Kechamek Bay

Kechamek Bay

The Salty Dog

Nolan had a blast on the beach. Surf is not an obsticle to his obsessions for sticks and all things feathered. We thought he was going to swim out after gulls out into the ocean water.

Lucky for him that we had day care arranged for him while we went fishing and kayakig. It was a camp were he could play and run.  He slept for 3 days after all his vacation exertions

IMG_4133 .

Homer SpitBeach Therapy


Brace Yar seleves for the rolles. Don’t stop fishing

Red in the morning sailors take warning

The wide legged grip

Morning at the dock

My Dad, Kitty and I share a 6 pack fishing bout with two other guys. Marc was from Maryland and Vernier was fro Austria. It was a windy day and our captain wanted to be sure that we caught our limited of fish regardless of the waves. And that we accomplished after a few green turns, and determination. Our bot went straight into the rip tide at the end of point Elizabeth near Homer. We caught a few fish but they were small.Once the weather built up even more the fishing got better. notice the sturdy stances in each shot.



Netting Kings

pickfishIMG_3776IMG_3773Proud Smokers

This is the first year that we have been ready for the King run. I made sure to plan my trip back to Bethel so that I wouldn’t miss the run. We have the boat, the net and the smoker.  Tom managed the net and I drove the boat. We now have a “net” of 150 lbs of King salmon smoked or frozen. We still want to fish for some Silvers to smoke for gifts. Yummmmmm!