Permafrost Outreach

Kenji arrived in Bethel last week to begin his trip around the delta. He will be installing permafrost and frost monitoring tubes at every village school in LKSD and neighboring school districts.

Kenji and Dr. Harada stayed at our house for two nights. Its been fun to talk about the outreach program and all of his permafrost adventures. Kenji just returned from a trip to China to coordinate his research in China and Mongolia. Dr Harada flew in from Japan. You can read more about their adventures on the Permafrost Outreach Program Blog

Big Kitty


The Lynx on the Kuskokwim River are big. This is the first time Tom has set a trap line in years. We have enjoyed many rabbit stews as a result. This lynx will be eaten by some of Tom’s co-workers. The meat is considered a delicacy. I am still recovering from the Musk Ox. It was very very tasty but rich and I ate too much at once.